CMS (Content Management System)

What is CMS (Content Management System) and why is it required?

Content Management is a system in which entire corporate data is stored in a central location. CMS is used for various purposes; one of the most common purposes is to setup an online presence. A content management system from PHPNUKE and ASPAPP gives more features to the web presence which includes ecommerce, forum, newsletter, jobs, team profile, news, articles etc.

This way an organization can have a quick and professional web presence in no time. The content management comes with many optional features, templates and styles for a more customizable look.

What other benefits can be obtained from C.M.S.?

Other options C.M.S. can offer are; Document Management and Task Management. With the all new Sharepoint program by Microsoft, there is maximum security to setup a C.M.S. based intranet or web presence to keep the partners, clients and employees up-to-date.

Why Web Media Marketing?

Web Media Marketing has been providing C.M.S. for intranet and web presence to various organizations and can deliver professional solutions based on the organizations needs.

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