e-Branding or internet branding or online branding are one and the same thing. Within eBranding scope as in offline branding e-Branding

where integrated marketing is planned to create a positive customer experience online whereby companies seek to add devoted customers to their profile.

Web Media Marketing (WMM) performs various activities to boost e-Branding of small and mid sized organizations. We host team of marketing experts along with graphic gurus to give your brand a national or international identity online.

Some of the activities performed within the eBranding framework are:

Web Presence
Blog Design and Maintenance
Crafting a Landing Page
Newsletter Setup
RSS Data Feed
Content Distribution (Article, News, Products)
Feedback and Reviews

Web Presence: Website presence gives an eFace to the company. Website presence is economical and effective, as all updates can be done immediately with minimum efforts. Website presence also helps in boosting the eBranding as it helps to serve the customer immediately and so enhance the customer experience online.

Blog Design and Maintenance: Blog has become a vital communication channel, it gives information and knowledge about the product and services offered to the market and takes feedback from the interested group that can be evaluated for the market as a whole.

Crafting a Landing Page: Landing pages are an important entry point, it gives the first impression of a web presence and needs to be smartly crafted. We design the landing page with beautiful layouts, vivid images, precise content and all required links, internal and external to step forward.

Newsletter Setup: Newsletter offers constant contact point with the customers. Through newsletter, customers are informed about various new offerings and product information. This helps customers to plan for the product acquisition when it is launched. Newsletter also offers guidance and product review that helps customers to select the right product and keep it maintained for a long time.

RSS Data Feed: RSS Data Feeds is a new face of newsletter, it is widely used to update customers about products and services. This new technology is accessible on the web, phone, email and other medium. It is developed in XML and can be called in any APIs i.e. on web, social pages, rss reader and more.

Content Distribution (Article, News, Products): Content Distribution is another way to introduce brand to masses. It updates customers with product information, new trends and research findings in the company and indepth knowledge and usage tips of products to the customers.

Feedback and Reviews: Customer’s feedback and review is important in today’s business. With feedback and review tool, online customers input about the website and offerings are gathered and enhancement is done accordingly. This also enhances the experience of the customer and so they become more loyal to the brand.

Growing Concern
Stay Competitive
 Revamp / Design a website
7-10 pages
10-15 pages
15-30 pages
 Design a Blog
Template Design
Design based on website template
Design based on website template
 Design Landing Page
 Newsletter Manager
1 p/mth
2 p/mth
3 p/mth
 Content Distribution
20 sites p/mth
30 site p/mth
40 site p/mth
3 months
3 months
3 months
Monthly Fee